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Title 24 & HERS Testing

Residential • Commercial • New Construction

We are here to make the permit process easy! From pulling a permit with a Title 24 report to all final paperwork (CF2R, CF3R) you will need to close a permit, we will take care of it and save you energy- in your home and life! 

Duct Leakage Test

Using specialized equiptment, our raters test the ducting of your system to make sure that it is properly sealed and leak-free. Duct leaks are the #1 cause of low-efficient systems. 

Air Balancing is an extra service we provide where we measure and adjust the airflow coming from the different registers, to ensure that a steady, even air flow is reaching all areas of the building and house, despite the distance from the HVAC unit.

Air Flow Test

Measuring the air-flow of an HVAC system makes sure that the habitable space is getting to the right temperature. 

Blower Door Test

By performing the Blower Door Test, our rater will determine the air infiltration rate of a building or house. The results will establish the air-tightness and effeciency of the tested site. 

Refrigerant Test

The proper levels of refrigerant and pressure in an HVAC system is vital to its performance. Our refrigerant tests makes sure that everything is fully charged and working!

HERS and TItle 24- made easy!

From pulling the permit, to the installation process, to the testing and final paperwork, we can take the weight off your shoulders! Feel free to call us and ask us any questions- as well as visit our FAQ page for many of the common inquiries we get. 

Just ask us!

HERS and Energy testing can be like a foreign language to the average person. Our experts will explain everything, from the process, to the tests, to the results and bring you up to speed on the effeciency of your home!

Location is everything

We have field inspectors and HERS testers all over Northern California. Whether you're in the Bay Area, Greater Sacramento, or Central Valley- give us a call and we'll send one of our experts!