About Us

GoHERS is a family run and operated business.

GoHERS was founded on a family’s passion about energy efficiency. Leah was born and raised in Northern California, the pioneer region for Energy Efficiency. Yosef is from Israel, the fore-runner country in technology. Together, they combine their strengths and interests to create a company is always looking for cutting edge solutions to saving energy and making the world a better place.

Our Service

Our goal is to make the HERS process easy. We are here to answer any questions, explain the process and provide quick and reliable service. 

We also value our loyal partnership with HVAC contractors. How do we do it? By providing fast, hassle-free testing, working with the contractors schedule, and completeing the paperwork promptly after each test. 

Our speed and pricing is the most competetive in the HERS testing market. Try us out for an introductory rate, and you won’t be dissapointed!


Jon, HVAC Contractor

The guys at GoHers are always available to schedule, and get the paperwork done faster than imaginable. I wouldn't work with anyone else!

Tim, General Contractor

Working with GOHERS takes the hassle out of HERS and Title 24 testing. They work with you to make the process easy- a breath of fresh air when dealing with permits and beurocracy!

Leslie, Homeowner

I had no idea what a HERS test was until the city told me I needed one. I called GOHERS and they explained the process, did the testing, and sent me the paperwork so seamlessly! I would highly recommend their services!